Dental Practice Transitions Specialists

Are you one of the 7% of Dentists
who will retire financially free?

Knowing what these numbers mean could be the difference between success and failure regardless of whether you are an early or late career dentist…

*141,000*  *93  *20  *7  *1

141,000 – The number of dentists in the United States

93% – Is the percentage of dentists who WILL NOT retire with the same income they enjoyed while practicing.

20% – Is the average value increase that Equity in Dentistry can bring to a dental transition.

7% – of the 141,000 will retire with financial freedom.

1 – Equity in Dentistry is the only company that provides strategic transition with financial planning so that you can be one of the 7% of dentists who achieve financial freedom.

“Everyday I give away several hours of my time speaking with dentists who want to transition their practice. Why do I do that? Because I want to help dentists maximize what is usually their most valuable asset so they can live the life they have worked hard to create for themselves and their loved ones. Call or email me today. I welcome your questions and usually respond within 24 hours.”

Neal B. Inscoe
Equity in Dentistry

Neal B. Inscoe is the CEO of Equity in Dentistry who specializes in assisting early, mid and late career dentists successfully transition their Dental Practices. Neal has 26 years of experience working with business professionals and is a Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP). Neal is the co-author of Wealth Preservation Planning: A Team Approach, and a contributing author to The Road Map to Wealth & Security: You Complete Guide to Dental Transitions.